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High risk of terrorist attacks.

Bioterrorism means the "the deliberate or threatened use of bacteria, viruses or toxins to cause disease, death, disruption or fear."

Since the attacks of 9-11-01 and the anthrax attacks that followed, the nation has increased its awareness and preparedness toward bioterrorism and other public emergencies. Planning and response teams have been formed throughout the nation in an effort to protect our citizens.

But we need your help. You can take three simple steps to empower yourself and your family against bioterrorism and other public emergencies.

  • Make an emergency plan for your family and practice it.

  • Know the emergency plan at your workplace, your church, your child's school or daycare, or other places where you spend time.

  • Prepare
  • Put together a Disaster Supplies Kit.

  • Learn all you can about bioterrorism and the realistic threat of a biological attack.

  • Live each day of life to the fullest!

  • Participate
    We know that the first response to a disaster of any kind will be a local response. We need to be prepared to take care of ourselves and our community for at least 72 hours until outside help can arrive.
  • Volunteer with agencies like the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

  • Join groups like Neighborhood Watch and Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS).

  • Get involved in preparedness efforts in your workplace, your neighborhood and your community.

  • Learn CPR and First Aid.

  • Prepare for emergencies with three simple steps.




    In the News

    Creating a Symphony

    Join the symphony by spreading the word that individual preparedness is critical. Studies show a person needs to hear a message seven times to change a behavior. You can be one of those voices.


    FEMA Course for PIOs

    The federal government offers videos in English and Spanish, checklists and tools to help families prepare for emergencies during National Preparedness Month in September.


    Standardized Messaging

    Additional monies from the Department of Health and Senior Services will help states prepare for pandemic influenza. The funds will be used to stockpile critical medical supplies and equipment, refine plans, develop alternate care sites and conduct exercises.


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