Health Status Alert System

The Health Status Alert System (HSAS) uses three basic colors to alert the public to the current health status in participating counties.

Information is county specific and will be individually determined by the Health Department Administrator or responsible party for each participating county.

(See the map below for a list of participating counties.)

Code Green means there are no immediate, serious health threats to the public. The message that follows will be for your information only.

Code Green may be used to give the times and dates for flu shot clinics. It may also be used to give information on safe swimming or how to protect yourself from impending hot or cold weather.

Code Green messages may appear regularly in your local newspaper.

Code Yellow is a Health Caution. Your attention will be needed as a specific message will follow and may affect you or your family.

Code Yellow messages may include food recalls, severe weather information, or information following a disaster like a tornado. Code Yellow may also be used for a localized event, like a rabid animal in a specific neighborhood.

Code Yellow messages will likely be seen or heard on local television or radio stations.

Code Red is a Health Alert and will require your attention. A specific message will follow and will likely require you to take quick action.

Code Red messages will be reserved for serious health threats like a major disease outbreak or a bioterrorist attack.

Code Red messages will likely be seen or heard on local television or radio stations.

Participating counties in southwest Missouri are labeled and include:  Christian, Greene, Hickory, McDonald, Polk and St. Clair.

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