Emergency Planning for Schools and Childcare Centers

Emergency planning for schools and childcare centers presents unique challenges to agencies responsible for caring for children. The following resources focus on special considerations for school and childcare planning.

The list will be updated frequently as new information becomes available.

All documents are in .pdf format.

All Hazards Planning Guide for Schools - Missouri State Emergency Management Agency   (65.5 KB)

Assessing Your Headstart Program's Risks and Needs - UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters   (302 KB)

Childcare Facilities EOP - Georgia State Emergency Management Agency   (6.77 MB)

Childcare Facilities Checklist - Institute for Business and Home Safety   (107 KB)

Children and Terrorism Tool Kit - American Academy of Pediatrics   (150 KB)

Children's Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book - American Red Cross   (1.64 MB)

Crisis Planning for Schools Brochure - U.S. Department of Education   (278 KB)

Crisis Planning for Schools Workbook - U.S. Department of Education   (1.64 MB)

Crisis Planning Template for Schools and Communities - U.S. Department of Education   (844 KB)

Daycare All Hazards Planning Complete Workbook - UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters   (4.12 MB)

Daycare Disaster Plan - Kitsap County Department of Emergency Managment, Washington   (147 KB)

Disaster Planning Self Assessment for Childcare Centers - Childcare Advocate Program, California Department of Social Services   (124 KB)

Education Center Disaster Planning Guide - Bright Horizons Family Solutions   (555 KB)

Emergency Preparedness Checklist - American Red Cross   (137 KB)

Family Disaster Plan - American Red Cross   (8.87 KB)

Family Disaster Supply Kit - American Red Cross   (210 KB)

Food and Water in an Emergency - American Red Cross   (616 KB)

Headstart Developing Your Disaster Plan - UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters   (263 KB)

Helping Children Cope with Disaster - American Red Cross   (98.8 KB)

Home Chemical Safety and Emergency Procedures - American Red Cross   (813 KB)

Homeland Security System Recommendations for Families - American Red Cross   (321 KB)

Homeland Security System Recommendations for Schools - American Red Cross   (323 KB)

NOAA Weather Radio - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)   (420 KB)

Protecting Our Kids from Disaster - Nonstructrual Mitigation for Childcare Centers - Institute for Business and Home Safety   (971 KB)

A Guide to Developing a Severe Weather Emergency Plan for Schools - National Weather Service   (2.09 MB)

Practical Suggestions for Assisting Children Post Disaster - The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress   (34.8 KB)

Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable - American Red Cross   (2.27 MB)

Questions to Ask Your Childcare Provider - Knowledge Learning Corporation   (93.1 KB)

School Crisis Management Exercise Development Guide - Virginia Department of Emergency Management   (377 KB)

Schools and Terrorism - National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism   (353 KB)

Shelter-in-place - American Red Cross   (85.9 KB)

Terrorism and Violence in Our Schools - Funded by an ASSE Foundation Research Grant   (1.88 MB)

Terrorism Proactive Guide for Schools - unidentified source   (204 KB)

Terrorism - How Schools Prepare for the Threat - Asset Control Inc.   (20.5 KB)

Childcare Center Home Disaster Plan - Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management, Washington   (642 KB)

If you have or know of a resource that is not listed here, please email the webmaster to have your information added to the list.

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